Darcy Clutch

. Red is the colour of birth, life and rejuvenation. . This season we bring you something that might get your wardrobe palette sizzled. Just like our previous piece (see Rory Clutch), the waves and curves of the flap is kept natural and uncut with minimal finishing (burnishing and waxing) to accentuate the character and personality … Continue reading Darcy Clutch

Donna Clutch

Since our last clutch masterpiece 2 years ago, we've been hunting for the next one-of-a-kind piece of hide. And this New Arrival definitely justifies the wait! "We're talking about the waves and curves." This evening clutch is uniquely hand-crafted only when we manage to have the perfect part of leather on a particular piece of hide. The … Continue reading Donna Clutch

Black Leather Evening Clutch

This is probably a one-in-a-million kind of master piece from fourjei. This evening clutch is excitedly hand-crafted when we manage to find the perfect part of leather on that particular piece of hide. The raw edges and waves and the 2 tiny holes contribute to the uniqueness and one-of-a-kind character of this clutch. Made of vegetable tanned cow Leather, the hide is … Continue reading Black Leather Evening Clutch

Diane Clutch

Get ready for a palette fix with our colourful day clutches this Spring! Diane Clutch, a basic version of Quilted Diane Clutch, is now available in 6 colours. Flaunt it with your midi skirt or summer dress for a new class of casual outfit. From Left: Diane Clutch - Tan Strap (Scarlet/ Peacock/ Navy) Left: Diane Clutch - Original Strap (Flamingo) Right: Diane Clutch - Tan Strap … Continue reading Diane Clutch

Quilted Diane Clutch

Get classy with our All New Quilted Diane Clutch this tropical Christmas. A lady like and chic version of our Vera Clutch, quilted to perfection for a classic texture.  Match it up with your midi skirt or summer dress and it'll look perfect for your wedding receptions and high tea!   Item:   Quilted Diane Clutch - Tan Strap (Navy/ Peacock/ … Continue reading Quilted Diane Clutch